Dinner Church. 

We're exploring what church might be when the meal we share is at the centre of our common life. It's church... it just looks a little different than what many of us think of as church. And we are over-the-top excited about it! Come check out dinner church and be part of this emerging community. 


Dinner Church is something new that we’re trying out here at St. Matthew’s. We gather once a month (usually on a Friday or Sunday night) to share a sacred meal, just as Jesus’ first followers did. Sharing a meal is a tradition from the earliest days of the church, and it’s one that we’re reviving in our practice together. Simple music is sung and shared, scripture explored, and prayers offered, all in the context of a simple, home-cooked meal.
Children of all ages are absolutely welcome at dinner church! This is a space for God’s children, of all ages. Dinner Church runs a little late for really little ones (we usually finish worship at 9:00pm) but you’re welcome to slip out before the service is entirely over if you need to. Throughout dinner church, we encourage wandering, running, participating and sharing in the experience, in whatever shape or form that takes.
We hope you will join us for Dinner Church. It’s an experiment in what church might be when the meal we share is at the center of our common life. Come join us as we build something beautiful together! 

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