St. Matt's Indigenous People's Solidarity Group

Responding to the call to listen and learn about the lives and stories of indigenous people in Canada and around the world, we are a group of members of St. Matt's and from the surrounding community who are committed to this cause.

Past Events 

2021 Book Study on "Jonny Appleseed" by Joshua Whitehead

June 20, 2021: Summer Solstice ceremony 

Lenten 2019 Book Study on "Unsettling the Word: Biblical Experiments in Decolonization" 

Tanya Talaga Book Discussion on All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward, January 19, 2019 

KAIROS Blanket Exercise, October 28, 2018

The KAIROS Blanket Exercise (KBE) covers more than 500 years in a 90-minute experiential workshop that aims to foster understanding about our shared history as Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. Participants are guided through the experience of walking together through our history by trained facilitators. The Exercise concludes with a debriefing, conducted as a `talking circle’, during which participants discuss the learning experience, process their feelings, ask questions, share insights and deepen their understanding. KAIROS is a Canadian ecumenical organization supported by 10 churches and religious organizations working together, locally and globally for ecological justice and human rights.

Blanket Exercise - 28 October 2018.png