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5 Founding Congregations

Oakwood church fix.jpg

Oakwood United Church: Established at Vaughan Rd. and Glenora, was for a while a two-point charge with St. Matthew’s (ie. shared a minister). It sold the building to New Dawn Moravian and joined St. Matthew’s United Church in 1986.


Dufferin Methodist Church: Established at Dufferin St. and Beaver Ave. in 1890. It amalgamated with Oakwood United Church in 1961.

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Epworth Methodist Church:

Established 1888 at Christie and Yarmouth St. It joined with St. Matthew’s United Church in 1981.

St. Columba Presbyterian Church: Established in 1890 at Vaughan Rd. and Helena and initially called Wychwood Park Presbyterian Mission. In 1896, the building burned down and a church in a new building at St. Clair and Vaughan Rd. opened in 1903. In 1918, it was renamed St. Columba after the Celtic monk. At the time of union in 1925, the congregation was divided on whether to join the United Church. A large number left to create Wychwood-Davenport Presbyterian. It amalgamated with St. Clair United in 1966.


St. Clair United Church:

Began as Zion Methodist Church in 1878. The name was changed to St. Clair in 1915 and the current building erected in 1924. The name was changed to St. Matthew’s United Church in 1966 when it amalgamated with St. Columba.

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