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Prayer for National Day of

Truth and Reconciliation 

Prayer adapted from a United Church of Canada resource in honour of Orange Shirt Day. (September 30)


Powerful Christ, we are grateful that you came to us as a child, 
who grew out of a community that nurtured, supported,
and taught you the way of your ancestors. 
You have asked us to do the same: 
     to treat every child as we would treat you, 
     to love every person as you have loved us. 

We are grateful that 
     your power is rooted in love, not force; 
     your strength is displayed through community, not might. 
You have taught us to work toward a better world
where all of creation thrives, and where every child matters. 


On this Orange Shirt Day, 
we remember Phyllis Webstad as a child, 
and the stolen childhood of all the children forcibly raised by church-run institutions, known as residential schools. 
We lament how these institutions 
     stole from children the opportunity to grow
     in a safe and loving environment, 
     stole from Elders the opportunity to share their teachings
     and wisdom with younger generations; and 
     stole from communities the opportunity to live intergenerationally. 

We mourn the children who never made it home, 
      the communities that were destroyed, 
     the broken hearts, 
     the stories never shared, and 
     the shattered relationships. 

We ask that you provide comfort to all who seek healing
and who daily wrestle with the ongoing harmful legacy of these colonial institutions, strength to all who name how colonial powers have harmed us as peoples and as a nation; often at great personal cost, and 
     courage to all who are working toward reconciliation. 


Christ Child, 
As you grew, you reminded us to always welcome and care for children. 
We remember your children today. 
We lament and acknowledge the sinful ways that colonial powers tried to eradicate Indigenous cultures within Canada, 
     breaking Indigenous families, 
     removing children from their homes while destroying communities. 
And we pray for healing, so that we who live together in this country 
     can also work together to build a better future 
     where all children are cherished, beloved,

      and given what they need to thrive. 
So that we may treat all children as we would treat you, our Beloved. May it be so.


Amen and amen.

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