Service Teams. 

The concept of Service Teams was introduced at St. Matt’s in early 2015, with the goal of having our Sunday morning roles and responsibilities – greeting, collecting the offering, reading Scripture, and hosting coffee hour – taken on by a wider pool of volunteers and to create stronger networks within the congregation. This method is used successfully at many churches, and the idea was met with positive feedback from the St. Matt’s community.

These teams have turned out to be not just a good way to make sure that we have greeters on a Sunday morning and people to collect the offering during worship, they have built new friendships within the community of faith. People who normally didn’t make contact on a Sunday morning are now talking on a regular basis and developing wonderfully rich relationships.


Our Service Teams do not have leaders.  There is no one person on each team responsible to make sure the tasks are done.  It is equally the responsibility of all members of the Team to know when their Team is on duty and to contact the others to plan out who is going to take on what task.