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Rainbow Team meetings

Rev. Brigid-Maya invites all members of rainbow teams to gatherings beginning next month. This is for both congregations. Bloor Streeters who would like to be more involved in discipleship, this is a good time to join in serving, leading, and growing in faith. 

Brigid Maya is inviting you to scheduled Zoom meetings.
Topic: Rainbow Teams
Time: This is a recurring meeting, please see the poster for the schedule

Join on Zoom via:

rainbow team.png

Rainbow Service Teams 

Service Teams, now called Rainbow Teams, fulfil Sunday morning roles at St. Matthew's, including coffee hour after the service.  The duties are:

  • Greet worshipers in the narthex a

  • Usher people to their seats

  • Read scripture or lead in prayer

  • Make coffee and bring treats for the fellowship hour after the service.

Service teams have helped build new friendships within the community of faith, working with Bloor St. members. The Rainbow Team concept take on a further role, checking in with others on their team if they don't appear in church. People who normally didn’t make contact on a Sunday morning are now talking on a regular basis and developing wonderfully rich relationships. If you are new to St. Matthew's, please do ask to join a service team. The duties are light, but it's a great way to get to know people.


There is no one person on each team responsible to make sure the tasks are done.  It is equally the responsibility of all members of the Team to know when their Team is on duty and to contact the others to plan out who is going to take on what task. As of Nov. 14, they are each assigned a colour:

Team 1 - RED
Team 2 - ORANGE

Team 3 - YELLOW 

Team 4 - GREEN
Team 5 - BLUE
Team 6 - PURPLE

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