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The First Interfaith Out of the Cold Program usually operates at St. Matthew's from November to March on Thursdays from 3pm to Fridays at 8am, however the city has cancelled the program for 2020-21 because of COVID-19.   

Out of the Cold is an emergency program that provides homeless persons with a hot meal and a warm, safe place to sleep in churches and other public buildings across Toronto. Dixon Hall’s Housing Services department supports the 16 faith-based organizations that offer Out of the Cold programs across the city during the winter months. For many of our guests, the invisibility and dehumanization of homelessness is a degrading experience. Volunteers play a key role in reducing the physical and emotional risk to those who lack shelter during winter and those who are isolated and under-housed. We offer warm, safe and friendly human contact that for many is even more important than shelter and food.​

If you are interested in learning more about First Interfaith Out of the Cold at St. Matthew's, accessing resources, donating or volunteering, head on over to their website:

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