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Help Revitalize St. Matthews as a Community Hub


St. Matthew's is a heritage church built in 1924 with beautiful acoustics and plain arched windows in the Methodist style. Help keep the doors open for community use and for worship by making a donation to our redevelopment fund.

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As congregations shrink, St. Matthew’s has grown to play an outsized role in the St. Clair West community. It is home to the Hippo Nursery School, operating here since 1969, and the Wychwood Open Door day-time drop-in centre.  It also provides space for artists’ studios, yoga classes, Girl Guides, Narcotics Anonymous, piano lessons, fencing, concerts and community meetings. Public Recordings Theatre has used the church for its popular productions and Hillcrest Village Community Players is to be based here. Animation Portfolio Workshop is training a generation of young artists within our walls.


Offering affordable space for

community use is part of our mission

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Offering affordable space for community use is part of the mission of St. Matthew's Church. We'd like to tailor our spaces for users and upgrade the aging heating and other systems so the building is more efficient, accessible and more comfortable for all.


The vision is a community centre that is self-sustaining, run by a board that represents our users. At the same time, we'd be preserving and repurposing a beautiful heritage building.

Help keep St. Matthew’s at the heart of this community by donating to our revitalization campaign.

Or you can give to restore the cupola

The St. Matthew’s cupola is a wind-driven ventilation system that sucks hot air from the church without the aid of electricity or fossil fuels.


Built in 1924 by architects Wickson and Gregg, it is an emissions-free ventilation system. Recently, a broken strut has paused the iconic cupola. Repair is on the way and you can help. Mark your donation "For the cupola." 


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Style - cupola No wire - Ballpoint 0.4MP
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