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Worship at St. Matthew's

Worship is an incredibly important part of our common life together.

Through our worship, we share in story, in celebrations and moments of awe, in concerns, prayers, and song. It's a chance to be gather together with God's love at the heart of who we are and what we do. 


Worship is at 10:30am in the St. Matt's sanctuary. 


We believe that through all of our living, we encounter moments to experience and worship God. And we hope that through community, we find ways to encounter "God moments" in each and every day. 


With that said, we also believe that it's deeply important to gather together, as one of many acts of worship. At St. Matthew's we gather on Sunday mornings at 10:30am -- often in our sanctuary and sometimes in our parlour. 


Worship is interactive and story-based. It's a chance to check in -- with one another and with God -- with where you're at and what you need.


We rejoice in the presence, gifts and spirit of children! And because we believe deeply in the importance of children's spirituality, we have dynamic programs that nurture creativity and connection with God. 


There is nursery care for children under three, beginning at 10:15am every Sunday. After the children's time in the service, the older children head out to their programs together. 


We've been experimenting with Dinner Church and other forms of alternative worship over the past few years.... It's an opportunity to gather together in a new - and also old - way, and take time to explore how the Spirit is moving in our midst. 

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